Raiders of the Lost Ark


Indiana Jones' most famous adventure arrives to the PC


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Raiders of the Lost Ark is a graphical adventure game from Lucas Arts, in which the player takes the role of Indiana Jones and has to relive the classic story of 'Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark'. It has identical graphics and interface to those we saw back in the day in 'Indiana Jones and Atlantis'.

The gameplay is simliar to all the other 'point and click' adventures. That is, you have to collect objects and use them in the right places, talking to characters for clues, and so on.

This version of the game, which is still unfinished, only includes the jungle and temple from in the beginning of the film. So you can relive those moments as often as you like, but once you finish them, it´s game over.

Graphically, Raiders of the Lost Ark is stuck firmly in the nineties, but has some quite beautiful and detailed backdrops, along with some very good character models.

Raiders of the Lost Ark is a retro graphic adventure, and has all the ingredients to become a must have title. It doesn´t have the sense of humor of the classic Lucas titles, but it does have some very good ideas that are well executed.
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